Coatmeter Fixed Probe

Fixed probe type Coatmeter is a family of Coatmeters designed on the magnetic principle. It is available in three different models and customer can select the appropriate model depending upon his accuracy requirements and application. All these models are useful for measurement of thickness of non - magnetic coating on magnetic base material.

The coating may be material like :

As Plating :
Gold, Copper, Zinc, Tin, Chromium, Hard Chromium, Lead etc.
As Coating : Paint, Insulation, Resin Coating.
As Lining : Resin, Rubber, fiberglass.
As Film : Plastic, non - magnetic Metal foils.

The magnetic base may be of material like :
Iron, Nickel, Cobalt, Magnetic Stainless Steel etc. Coatmeter (Dial Type) :

Features :
1. Portable
2. Reading can be locked
3. Calibration facility with Standard calibration foils
4. Can be used in any position
5. The reading is available on dial with meter scale on mirror
6. Supplied with attractive wooden case


Specification :
1. Range :Available in different ranges from 0 micron to 9 mm..
2. Accuracy : + or - 10% of the obtained reading
3. Min. Base Thickness : 1.5 mm
4. Min. Area of measurement : 20 x 50 mm
5. Min. Curvature Radius : 50 mm
6. Dimensions : 80 x 60 x 30 mm
7. Weight : 300 gms.
Coatgauge (Pull - Off Type)

This is a simple low cost pull - off instrument meant for general gauging Purpose on the shop floor. The Instrument is to be used only vertically. It is a small portable Instrument, which can be carried like Ball Pen.
Specification :
1. Range : 0 to 600 micron, 0 to 25 thou.
2. Accuracy : + or - 15% 
3. Min. Base Thickness : 1.5 mm
4. Min. Area of measurement : 10 x 10 mm
5. Min. Curvature Radius : 20 mm
6. Dimensions : 12mm dia. x 160mm Length.
7. Weight : 40 gms.


This is modified version of Coatgauge having an additional feature of a cursor window, which facilitates the user to note the reading  conveniently. While carrying out the thickness measurement, the cursor window is lifted upward. The Coatest is held vertical during test. Due to ease in operation a better reading accuracy can be expected in this model. The measuring range is also slightly different i.e. 0 - 250 microns and 50 - 800 microns. All other specifications and features are identical to that of Coatgauge.

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