D.C. Power Supplies

D.C. Power Supplies have many applications in Laboratories and Test Houses, Testing electronic components and circuitry, Switchgear products, Communication Equipments etc. New Concepts & Systems offers full range of D.C. Power supplies with various options of out put Voltages and Currents. Output of these power supplies is precisely regulated by electronic circuitry and has a very low ripple contents.

These Power Supplies can work on 230 Volts or 110 Volts, AC single-phase supply. Solid-state circuitry with the state of the art technology makes these Power Supplies absolutely reliable and fail-safe. Built in protection against over loads and short circuit are some of the additional features of these Power Supplies.

Optional Facilities

  • Digital Panel Meters for current and voltage indications.
  • Remote Sensing facility.
  • External Voltage programming.
Constant Current Source.
Specification :
Input Voltage : 230 Volts AC, + 10%, 50 Hz Single Phase.
Out-put Voltage : 0-30 Volts; 0-60 Volts; 0-100 Volts; 0-150 Volts.
Out-put Currents : Upto 60 Amps for Out-put Voltage upto 60 Volts
  Upto 10 Amps for Out-put Voltage upto 150 Volts.
Regulation : Better than 0.1% on line as well as load.
Ripple Contents : Less than 1mV R.M.S.
Protection : Short circuit and overload protection.
Overload Capacity : 110 % for 30 minutes.
Accuracy : Better than 2% of FSD for Current and Voltage indications.
Operating Temperature : 0-50 deg. C.

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