Temperature Indicator, Controller, & Dataloggers

New Concepts & Systems   offers a full range of proportional Temperatures Controllers and Indicators in Analogue and Digital versions for precise measurement and control of temperature for chemical, petrochemical or any process industries. The Controllers or Indicators are available in different types of enclosures like DIN standard or compact portable types for mounting on any control panels.

The Controllers or Indicators can be offered in any range between 0-100 deg. Centigrade to 0-1200 deg. Centigrade in RTD or Thermocouple Sensor depending on application. Most of the Controllers and Indicators have standard features like
  • Direct reading of Temperatures in degree centigrade.
  • Sensor break indication
  • Auto mannual indication
  • Room Temperature Compensation
  • Plug in arrangement for easy serviceability
  • Compact DIN standard size
  • Accurancy of + or - 1 %
Low cost, compact with solid state technology
NEW CONCEPTS & SYSTEMS also offers Temperature Scanners and Data Loggers with 8/16 or more channels. Input can be Thermocouple/RTD/ 4-20 mA/0-10V. (DC). Available with LED or LCD display and Output can be taken on RS232 Medtronic Printer. High/Low Output relay alarms are provided and settings can be done on Keyboard.

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