Sherlock Security Management System

"SHERLOCK" is the most integrated, sophisticated and reliable
security system to protect your office, factory, home and family,
round the clock year after year from any type of thefts or hold - ups.
The system using the latest state of the art technology is totally
user friendly and is very easy to operate even by a layperson.
The system comprises of the following components :

  • Monitoring Unit
  • Alarm Unit
  • Door Sensor
  • Wire Loop Sensor
  • Remote Switch
You can now leave the house without any worry "SHERLOCK" is looking after your house in your absence.

"SHERLOCK" Security System can be incorporated with following extra features to
make it more versatile.
1.It can be programmed to dial a particular telephone number (say your office, residence, mobile phone or even a local police station).
2.This auto telephone dialing facility can also be used for your Fire or Gas Alarm System.
3."SHERLOCK" system can also be hooked to a P.C.
4.Coded switch can be provided instead of key operation which will enable the operation of the system by only restricted persons.

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