Flame Proof Temperature Indicator

Flame Proof Temperature Indicator

NEW CONCEPTS & SYSTEMS offers full range of Digital Flame Proof Temperature Indicators for precise measurement of temperature in Chemical, Petrochemical or any Process Industries in the flame proof or hazardous atmosphere. It is available in an attractive and handy Flame Proof enclosure. The enclosure is approved for hazardous atmosphere of gas group classifications viz. 1, 11A, 11B, by CMRS (Dhanbad). The indicators are available in the different temperature ranges of
0o - 200o Centigrade or 0o - 500o Centigrade with LED display of 3.5 Digit and accuracy of better than +/- 1%. The enclosure material is made up of LM - 6 or Cast Iron. It accepts thermocouple as well as RTD (PT - 100) inputs.

The indicators have all the other salient features of our conventional Electronic Digital Temperature Indicators such as state of the art technology, solid state electronic circuitry.

Indicators are available with suitable flame proof sensors such as the RTD or Thermocouple as per the customized requirements.
Salient Features :
1. Direct Reading in Deg. Centigrade
2. Sensor Break Indication
3. Auto Manual Indication
4. Fully Solid State with state of the Art Technology
5. Easy Serviceability
6. Handy and Portable


Technical Specifications :
Temperature Range 15o to 200o C. / 15o to 500o C
Resolution 0.1o or 1o C.
Display 3.5 Digit LED
Accuracy Better than +/- 1%
Case Material Cast Iron or LM - 6
Weight 2 Kg.
Supply 230 Volts, A.C. 10 VA
Sensor RTD (PT 100) or Thermocouple

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